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· 13 min read
Erdit Llugiqi

Introducing NexusUVC - 10K Solves For Free

With no deposit required! NexusUVC comes available for all with a free 10,000 solves, followed by just $0.01 for every thousand solves thereafter, a pricing system that promotes our movement to provide a well priced CAPTCHA on the market. We let all try out the CAPTCHA service entirely for free to get a feel for it.

What is NexusUVC?

Everyone understands and deals with CAPTCHAs every time they browse the internet, CAPTCHAs help protect websites by identifying bots automatically and not allowing them to cause harm. An example of what a CAPTCHA prevents is Credential Stuffing, a brute force attack on passwords.

· 5 min read
Erdit Llugiqi

Avoiding User Friction How NexusUVC Enhances User Retention

Differentiating between real humans and fake bots shouldn't be that frustrating. Let's be honest here, sometimes we go through a headache trying to solve a CAPTCHA. Be-it trying to know which squares show the "bear riding a unicycle", or whether the random combinations of letters you have to enter are uppercase or lowercase - this time period where you are debating with yourself on what to press or enter, or having to restart the CAPTCHA entirely because you made a mistake, is what we refer to as "User Friction".

· 4 min read
Erdit Llugiqi

How NexusPIPE protects your website from Credential Stuffing and other Brute Force attacks

The digital world is ever-growing, and the battle for security is a relentless chase, a constant struggle between protection and intrusion. As swiftly as technology grows, so do the number of cyber threats. Whether it's an individual or a global enterprise, the threats are real, and often hidden, ready to strike when least expected.